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For the past several years I've been hosting writing groups for women. These gatherings have helped us develop confidence and curiosity about our capacities as writers and together, we have birthed many poems, stories, and soulful creative friendships. 

Writing together offers a safe communal space to explore our inner worlds and express the things that animate, frustrate, and move us. Writing in community gives us a chance to practice open-hearted listening as well as to give and receive kindhearted feedback.


You'll discover your unique voice and have your strengths and insights reflected back to you. I’ll offer readings of contemporary poetry and introduce you to writers whose work inspires us to live a more engaged and creative life—even in the midst of mothering, working, and life's demands. Aren't we all looking to find the ordinary magic in our daily lives?


Why write? Because in writing you might overhear yourself saying things you didn't know you knew about your world; because a little sacred listening space can go a long way; because the daily mothering/working/walking through your life may be wearing thin and may need to be re-imagined and re-cycled into unexpected wisdom; because you have an inkling that writing is a doorway through which you might meet yourself more fully if you step through; because you have a story to tell; because you don’t think you have a story to tell…and many others.  


Writing as Medicine Circles are coming soon! Check back here for more details.

Instructions for living a life:

Pay attention.

Be astonished.

Tell about it.

—Mary Oliver

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