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Parenthood is one of life's most challenging and transformative experiences. Yet we often have few supports to help us understand the profound shifts in being and meaning that happen when we become parents or to cope when things get difficult. For mothers in particular, juggling our own needs, self-expression and work responsibilities while taking care of others can be a difficult and sometimes impossible balancing act.

Parenting without a "village" to support us and without the respect and social support we deserve can leave us feeling confused, overwhelmed and stressed out.


I weave together my training in body-centered psychotherapy practices, trauma healing and attachment as well as my own experiences as a mother to offer you support and guidance.


I work with Pregnancy, Birth and Post-Partum experiences so that you can:

• Find the internal and external supports you need to thrive

• Recover from a difficult or traumatic birth experience

• Alleviate depression, anxiety or feelings of isolation

• Learn to set healthy boundaries and take care of your own needs

• Alleviate tension and frustration in your partnership relationship

• Navigate the profound changes in identity that come with motherhood


I also offer Parent Coaching so that you can parent with greater ease and happiness. I can help you to:

• Become more mindful, aware and kind to yourself as a parent

• Understand why you get triggered by your kids and find alternatives to yelling or shaming

• Address childhood wounds that are getting in the way of you being the parent you want to be

• Avoid power struggles so you can connect with your kids instead

• Develop concrete strategies and practices to help you work with feelings of rage or powerlessness that parenting can bring up

• See how guilt, shame and perfectionism may be causing you suffering

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