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Most of us have experienced some kind of trauma in our lives. This may be a singular event such as a car accident, unexpected loss, or injury or it could be a chronic issue such as childhood neglect or abuse.


Somatic Experiencing ® (SE) focuses on how trauma lives in our bodies and how it can be healed by using the wisdom of the body to guide us. I use this gentle and potent method to alleviate shame, numbness, anger, anxiety and fear resulting from past trauma. SE can unwind chronic stress patterns or feelings of depression, dissociation or anxiety by gently helping you to process unfinished business from the past. Somatic Experiencing is helpful for resolving many types of trauma including:


• Sexual/physical abuse

• Childhood trauma

• Accidents & injuries

• Surgical trauma

• Birth trauma


During our sessions, I’ll track your nervous system activation to help you experience greater calm and nourishment in the moment. We’ll build your resources and resiliency so that you can explore the more difficult aspects of your history in a way that feels supportive and strengthening. We’ll use specific practices to help you stay present, reconnect with yourself and find more safety and satisfaction both in therapy and in your life.

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